GCP – Ep009 – From The Acme Green Machine

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  • Song Name: GCP – Ep009 – From The Acme Green Machine
  • Artist: Gotham City Podcast
  • Album: Gotham City Podcast - The Unofficial Gotham Fan Podcast
  • Year: 2014

Episode 9 of the podcast is brought to you by the Acme Safe company. When a mysterious green drug reminiscent of a bad mash-up of Alice in Wonderland & a Joel Schumacher powered Bane hits Gotham, Gordon & Bullock are on the case. The crime family wars are about to take an express trip to 'OhMyGodsville' as the Penguin reveals himself, with Maroni firing the opening salvo. As Gotham gets the green-light from Fox for a full 22 episode season, the gloss comes off the Wayne Wagon as something rotten inside Wayne Enterprises is discovered. And, just what makes a Cobblepot?