GCP – Ep008 – Enter the City of Arkham

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  • Song Name: GCP - Ep008 - Enter the City of Arkham
  • Artist: Gotham City Podcast
  • Album: Gotham City Podcast - The Unofficial Gotham Fan Podcast
  • Year: 2014

Episode 8 of the Gotham City Podcast gets ready to enter the fight for Arkham. The soul, the mental health & the very crux of the hopes & dreams of Thomas & Martha Wayne are in play. With the show still performing strong, can Gotham survive the weight of a crime-war that looks set to befall it? Will this be the knock-out shot, or the opening salvo in Gotham's descent into darkness. With the return of the Penguin, is the game up for Jim Gordon? Just why has Cobblepot returned?