11PM – EP020 – Celebrate The Summer!

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  • Song Name: 11PM – EP020 – Celebrate The Summer!
  • Artist: TheIanFella
  • Album: 11PM Somewhere Podcast
  • Year: 2014

That's right, cue the music, the beers (obviously), the garish shirts, the BBQ's & the good times, 11PM Somewhere Podcast hits a milestone with Episode 20 of the show to not only bring you up-to-date on new content additions to the show, but a special time out of thanks for the good listeners who dare to sully their ears & their precious time to listen to Ireland's #1 Craft Beer Podcast & the most dangerous Craft Beer Podcast in the world. And as if that wasn't enough (it never is people .... is it?), Ian takes a look at some of the Summer beers (and those that could/should/would) be Summer-y beers to help you kick start that one glorious day we get in Ireland, where the careless abandon of lobster Irish Men & Women, full up on the joys of the Irish Summer, with the results of charred BBQ's & socks-with-sandals.