11PM - EP016 - The 19 Craft Beers of Easter

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  • Song Name: 11PM - EP016 - The 19 Craft Beers of Easter
  • Artist: TheIanFella
  • Album: 11PM Somewhere Podcast
  • Year: 2014

Easter comes but once a year. But it's that familial time where luxurious comfort foods are on the tale. Spring lamb & Turkey dominate the tables, along with that armageddon stockpile of easter eggs from this years 40 days & 40 nights of the Easter Season. We are not the gentrified around a Seasonal Hunt table. We are the average craft beer drinkers. More importantly, drinkers of Irish Craft Beer. Trying to figure out what beers to have with our Easter Sunday Roast should be no more complex than Cinderlla figuring out what to wear to the ball. Am I your Easter Beer Fairy Godmother? F**k no, but for Episode 16, I'm your Easter Sunday Irish Craft Concierge hooking you up with with the best Irish & International craft beers for your Easter Sunday.