11PM – EP010 – The (Re)Defintion Of #CraftBeer

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  • Song Name: 11PM - EP010 - The (Re)Defintion Of #CraftBeer
  • Artist: TheIanFella
  • Album: 11PM Somewhere Podcast
  • Year: 2014

For the 10th Episode of 11PM Somewhere, Ian picks up on the discussion & controversy State-side last week when the Brewer's Association once again took to tweaking the definition of #CraftBeer, & how we in Ireland are looking even now at our own CraftBeer industry. What can we in Ireland learn from what's gone before & happened recently in the U.S.? This issue of definition is a clearly global one, & one size may not fit all, leaving some unhappy faces of those who will feel 'wronged' & others who will have their own agendas met.